Beware of comfort.

Sure, it feels good.

Sure, you deserve it.

But because it feels good, comfort tends to interfere with more important things.

Honesty.  Courage.  Loyalty.  Love.  Growth.  All require us to move beyond comfort.

Then too, because it feels good, comfort is addictive.  The more you have, the more you want.  Eventually that’s all you want.  Or, if you’re not careful, all you can tolerate.

Finally, love of comfort is the royal road to control-seeking, especially the dysfunctional kind.

It sends you chasing the illusion that you can make things as you want them to be.  Which stops you from learning to live with things as they are.

So sure, enjoy comfort when you can.

It feels good.

And you deserve it.  Of course you do.

Just beware of it too.


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