On shame

1. I experience chronic, debilitating shame — the belief that there is something deeply and permanently wrong with me.

2. My shame makes me afraid that other people will judge, reject or abandon me.

3. My fear makes me hide both my shame and my true self from others.

4. Unaware of my shame, others have no opportunity to challenge it or to reassure me that it is unwarranted.

5. I experience chronic, debilitating shame.

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3 responses to “On shame

  • angie

    Yes. I don’t know that i call it shame…but the other things you mention. Because my up bringing was not the best, i have been left with this constant feeling that i am not good enough for anything or anyone, that anything i might want to try i will avoid because of this core belief that there is something wrong with. This bleeds into my ability of making friends…people won’t like me because i am not right…hence i feel i am being judged etc and cannot be myself, whatever that is…but, after a long time in therapy i am starting to change this thought pattern,,have opened up my own internet business…and keep telling myself i am capable…i can do this….but that thread that has been with me for such a long time still lingers….but my belief system is very very slowly changing…i am standing my ground!!!

  • annposiak

    You nailed it with this one ….an underlying sense of inadequacy

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