On feelings

1. Feelings scare me.

2. My fear leads me to hide my feelings, both from others and from myself.

3. Sensing my fear, others hide their feelings from me too.

4. So I never talk about feelings, ever, with anyone.

5. Feelings scare me.

~ From the forthcoming Monkeytraps in Everyday Life: A Guide for Control Addicts

5 responses to “On feelings

  • Doug

    Yes. So some feelings do scare me. I ignore them..hide….pretend ….. Until I can’t. But acting on my feelings too soon has caused more issues than acting too late!!

    • Steve Hauptman

      Sounds like you think the choice you face is between ignoring feelings and acting on them. But there’s a third option — acknowledging what you feel, and expressing or processing it in a safe way and place. Feelings are one thing, behavior is another.

  • the1313

    I have been working hard on FEAR these past few months. I am still fearful but I have been refusing to let the fear get the better of me and guess what things are changing. I reached out to several of my old bosses for my resume and guess what. Nothing weird or hateful happened they were happy to hear from me. I still don’t like to share everything. But that is ok. At least I know I can reach out and people won’t look at me in disgust. Hope you are doing well. I know it has been a while since I have posted. Blessings.

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