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5 responses to “Clueless

  • Doug

    Some of us have a clue but indulge anyhow.

    • Steve Hauptman

      The cluelessness I mean stems not from indulging but from ignorance. Most people I meet are living lives disconnected from their feelings, their bodies, their real needs and how to go about meeting them. Some were trained to do this by dysfunctional families; some were traumatized into this way of coping; and many simply drank the Kool-Aid that is popular culture, a culture that teaches us to bury who we are and to value things that have nothing to do with what we really need. Do this long enough and it comes to feel normal. Cluelessness (which includes not realizing you’re clueless) is the inevitable result.

  • leb105

    yes indeed! say more! Noticing that you’re on ‘Empty’, and how to fill yourself up.

  • Al

    My take on how to deal with being clueless comes from Steves plan A versus Plan B talk.
    To recognise that I’ve been living according to Plan A which is ‘clueless itself’ and practise alternative Plan B. (See Steves plan B)
    Guess works.

    BUT it needs practice and accepting counter intuitive ways.!
    Happy days

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