We marry

We marry 2


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2 responses to “We marry

  • John

    This post reminds me of a book from Harvel Hendrix called getting the love you want, the point he makes in his work is we spend our adult life seeking partners that resemble our parents. And we spend this time trying to heal all our childhood wounds (which for some of us are a lot) and our new parents are supposed to heal us. It is usually to late in the relationship when we find out that this never works, this took me 2 marriages and lots off what Harvel calls Imago therapy to realize this and get the guidance and support to heal myself. It’s amazing how hard I tried to get my plan “A” to work for me, now I am fully devoted to my plan “B” and my life has never been better, thanks to Bert and Steve who started me on this path and everyone else who have helped me get here,

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