Every conversation

[3] 56. Every conversation has two floors [][][] [8-30-12]

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5 responses to “Every conversation

  • alexis

    Only 2 floors, Steve? I’m thinking, at least 5: the top floor [what is said], the 2d floor [what is avoided being said], the 1st floor [what is felt and not acknowledged], the basement [what is yet unconscious, so operating as a ghost] and below ground–way below ground [the ‘shadow’ personality that is deflected and unaccessible until it ‘blows’]. Ah, the human condition!

  • Al

    I’m not sure it’s easy to access the emotional floor.
    In my experience it’s a struggle to find a way to talk.
    It’s hard to identify the feeling let alone convey it to another..
    Hence the need for a simple language – mad, glad, sad or scared.
    And then the need to learn to use I statement….
    Then it’s practice, practice, practice…

  • alexis

    I walk among people who are versed in self-awareness, so I forget that this is probably true, Steve. Thanks.

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