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We’re separated a year and a half now, and it still doesn’t feel real.  Behind all our talking and fighting and negotiating and problem-solving certain thoughts play like background music: 
It‘s just a separation.  Be careful what you say.  Don’t push him away.  Maybe he’ll see the changes I’ve made.  Maybe he’ll come back.  It‘s just a separation.
But life has moved on.  Now, after years of stay-at-home momming, I have a job I love.  People notice and value what I do.  And I’m beginning to feel, you know, like a full-fledged person.    
So today he calls to talk about our budget.  And he’s being irritable and rude. 
And I’m tired of it.
“Why are you talking to me this way?” I ask.
“Because you don’t help me,” he snaps.
And the background music suddenly stops.
“You’re a dick,” I say, and I hang up.
And a full-fledged person walks away from the phone feeling like she turned a corner somehow.   
~ Shared by Anonymous  (2/22/15)
Archived in Tales of Responsibility


The Practice Corner is an occasional series of true (but cleverly disguised) stories told by readers working actively to free themselves from compulsive controlling. Read more here.

2 responses to “Corner

  • Al

    Thank you for the last post in practice Corner.
    I can relate to background noise. I have similar except it’s a game that’s played called ‘Dump my crap on you’. It’s where he feels bad, and proceeds to try and make me feel guilty for the bad…like its something I’m doing wrong and worse, it looks innocent on the surface but underneath is manipulation.
    I feel uncomfortable, I sense a hidden game…..usually I play so as to ease his discomfort…now I stop, stop speaking and look him straight in the face.
    He stops, I can’t play anymore, I feel sad. I feel ok….it’s quiet.

  • Eldi

    I can so relate to this. You can’t keep hurting and leaving someone time and time again and not expect them to not reach the point of turning that corner. It feels good.

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