Frogs tossed into boiling water will leap right out again.

But frogs placed in cool water raised gradually to a boil will remain until they are thoroughly cooked.

I know plenty of cooked frogs.

They’re people who stayed too long in bad jobs or unhealthy relationships.

They’re not stupid, and they’re not self-destructive.

They just didn’t pay attention.

They didn’t listen to their feelings, which exist to provide important information about what they were experiencing.

Like most of us, they thought of pain and discomfort as bad things, experiences to be avoided.  So they found ways to ignore, numb or deny those bad feelings.

They forgot (if they ever knew) that pain is essential to survival.

That we need it to warn us of both obvious dangers and subtle threats.

That we ignore it — even the tiniest of twinges — at our peril.

And that to ignore it long enough is to risk ending up cooked.

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