Why do I always pick the wrong person to be with?  

Why do we have the same fight over and over? 

Why can’t I remember to take my medicine?  I keep meaning to, and then I forget.

“Unconscious” means we don’t know why we do what we do.

The unconscious is a real part of us, and constantly operating.

It handles stuff — feelings, needs, conflicts — we’re scared to look at directly. So we push them down out of sight and the unconscious deals with them in its own way.

Unconscious behavior can be confusing and cause problems.  But it’s usually an attempt to solve another problem we’d rather not face.

We all do this.  We’re all unconscious much of the time.  We can’t help it.  It’s part of our hard wiring.

People who deny their unconscious are like drivers who, when they get into traffic, close their eyes and hope for the best.





2 responses to “Unconscious

  • Ann

    I remember when I turned 13 my mom decided that I needed to learn more how to “take care of myself” and I was assigned a new weekly chore of cleaning the bathroom. We had one bathroom for five people and I was angry that my older brothers had never been given such birthday gifts.
    Every Saturday, the assigned day for my new responsibility, I totally forgot about it and an argument would ensue, but what I remember was how baffled I was about totally forgetting week after week when the whole thing kept blowing up into such an issue.

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