Like women (see Tranced), men are socially programmed for relationship failure.

Be consistently strong, brave, confident, independent, stoic and self-sacrificing, they’re taught. Never show weakness, fear, self-doubt, confusion, sadness or need.  

In other words: Thou shalt be John Wayne.

It’s an impossible standard, of course (even John Wayne wasn’t John Wayne), but most men accept it, internalize it and feel like failures when they can’t measure up.

Result 1:  Wayned men carry secret feelings of inadequacy and guilt.

Result 2:  The pain these feelings cause makes them chronically angry.

Result 3:  Often they bring this anger to their relationships with women, whom they blame for “making” them feel this way.

Result 4:  Wayned men and Tranced women often combine to create split-level relationships.

Result 5:  Then they teach their sons and daughters to do the same.

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