Everybody’s addicted to something.  Tell me you’re not and I’ll just assume you’re lying to yourself about it.


2 responses to “Everybody

  • Shankar

    Is not healthy to give more attention to a particular factor for a defined time and then trying to consciously quit it? Can I argue that it is a healthy addiction or mindfulness!

    If we have short bouts of addictions and then quickly come out of it, are we not net gainers?

    Like a butterfly sucking nectar from the flowers in a tree for a duration and flies away. Can I call it a burst of addiction?

    A student studying for an exam – is it a short bout of addiction?

    • Steve Hauptman

      Addicts are people who can’t handle feelings, usually because they weren’t taught to as kids. So they find something — some substance or behavior — to make feelings go away temporarily. Trouble is, feelings always come back, and the addict is forced to do X again and again. So addiction is about more than just “giving attention” to something. It’s about chronic and compulsive self-numbing.

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