CARTOON -- cross 4
“I’m tired and angry and depressed. And I’m getting married in two weeks, and I can’t even enjoy it.”
Twenty-four years old. Chronically codependent.
“All I do is work.  Except on weekends, when all I do is chores or errands or obligations.  Birthday parties, engagement parties, christenings, family dinners.  There’s no end to it.”
“And still can’t say No?”
Shakes his head sadly.
“Doing anything to take care of yourself?”
“Taking Good Friday off,” he frowns.
“And spending it…”
“Chores and errands.”  He sighs and looks at me.  “What can I do?”
“Invent a holiday,” I say.
“A what?”
“A new one.  Use Good Friday to start.
“Call it Decrucifixion Day.”
“You know,” I say, “there’s a kind of insanity so common that nobody notices it.  It’s the insanity of ignoring our bodies and the messages they send.  We don’t eat when we’re hungry, or rest when we’re tired, or pee when our bladder is full.  We put off our needs to do something More Important.  We crucify ourselves on the cross of time, or money, or success, or what we call Being Responsible, or pleasing other people, or an endless To Do list.  That’s how you feel, right?  Crucified?  Tortured, unable to free yourself?”
He nods.
“Decrucifixion Day changes that.  Make it an annual event.  For just one day of the year, climb down off the cross.
“Sleep late.  Walk on a beach.  Take a bath.  Read.  Watch old movies.  Eat ice cream.  Get your fiancee to skip work and take her to a motel.
“For just one day, be good and selfish.
“Good and Selfish Friday?” he grins.
“Exactly.  One day.  Call in sick.  Unplug the phone.  Ignore the mail.  Block all cell calls.
“Feel free for a day.
“One day.  The world won’t end.  Really.
“And the cross will still be there tomorrow.”

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