UNPUB -- 189.  Feelings will stay bottled up [D]xxxxxxxx


Think of feelings as energy.

Hold them inside, and they build in intensity.

Hold them in long enough, and eventually they reach a sort of critical mass.

At that point two things can happen.

One is explosion – an unregulated discharge in the form of yelling, or crying, or violence.

Explosion relieves the pressure, but tends to leave you feeling out of control,  embarrassed, even frightened.  (It’s also frightening to people around you.)  Which leads to a new round of holding-in, buildup, and explosion.

Not a great solution.

The other option is implosion.  Successfully contained emotional energy turns against the container.  The result is discomfort, both emotional (irritability, anxiety, moodiness, depression) and physical (fatigue, indigestion, headaches, muscular tension, and vulnerability to a host of physical ailments).

The more successfully you avoid feelings, the more likely you’ll develop symptoms that have no apparent cause.

Think of these symptoms as a message from your body:


Please listen.

Because feelings will stay bottled up for just so long.

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