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Self-care is something I preach to all my clients.

Most of them have trouble with self-care.

Most of them don’t love themselves enough to stop working and rest and relax.

Most of them put the needs of their job or their family or their house or their spouse ahead of their own.

And I have this thing I say to the most stubborn clients.

“You remind me,” I tell them, “of a guy I know who wants to drive from New York to California. 

“Except he says, ‘Gas is too expensive, so I won’t buy gas here. 

“I’ll wait to buy gas when I get out to the coast.’”

~ From Gas in California

* * *

Compassion really involves three basic components:

noticing suffering,

being kind and caring in response to that suffering,

and remembering that imperfection is part of the human experience, something we all share.


And is this the same for self-compassion?


Exactly the same.

With self-compassion the most important step, actually, is to notice your own suffering.

And a lot of people say, “Isn’t that blindingly obvious?”

But in fact it’s not.

Especially when your suffering comes from your own self-judgment and self-criticism….


~ From

Self-compassion, part 1

by Kristin Neff

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