* * *

In a some families

— alcoholic, abusive or

otherwise dysfunctional —

kids aren’t

allowed to be



They aren’t allowed

to listen to

their own feelings

or act in service of

their own needs.


Instead they get drafted

into unconscious roles

intended to meet the needs

of the family.


They get lost, and end up

believing stuff like:


“If I’m smart enough,

and good enough at sports,

I can save my family…”


“I just don’t want to cause

any more trouble

for my family.”


“If I make everything fun,

we don’t have to think

about our problems.”


“If you don’t care,

then I don’t care either.”



This dynamic is

far more common

than most people think.


~ Watch the rest of Common roles played in alcoholic families (2:09).


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