As of today,

Bert has expanded

into cinema.


So put down that banana

and hustle your monkeybutt

over to

Mental Health Talk

for the premiere of our

very first





There you’ll find

Lesson 1:




Political Intrigue!


“The Monkey” has none of these.


It’s just a brief (3:27) introduction

to a secret part of you

that you really should

get to know better.



You can’t spare 3:27?

Boy, do you need

this slideshow.)


“The Monkey” is

the first lesson of six

to be published weekly

by Mental Health Talks.


Coming next week,

Lesson 2:

The Addiction.


Comments on Monkeytraps 101

are welcome

(nay, eagerly awaited)

both here

and at Mental Health Talk.


And while you’re over there,

be sure to browse around

Mental Health Talk.

It’s an awesome resource

(subtitled “Our stories.  Our wisdom. 

Making a difference”) 

created and edited

by my new friend Trish,

whose introduction to MHT

you can read here.


See you soon.



8 responses to “Premiere!

  • lisafrederiksenbreakingthecycles

    It was awesome!!! You did a fantastic job!!!!

  • Yaz

    Great slideshow. I’ve sent it to my hubby at work. Our daughter’s just started to drive, and he’s full of ‘advice’……

    • Steve Hauptman

      Thanks, Yaz. Yeah, there’s nothing like kids for triggering the impulse to control. For recovery purposes I prefer goldfish.

  • Clare Flourish

    Congratulations. You did persuade Blue very quickly, though.

    I had a cry this morning, and the wee voice which said “this is ridiculous, that was ages ago, you should not be getting upset about that”, though I could still hear it, had no effect on me at all. I thought, I am upset and it is OK to be upset, or even, I am doing useful work on that particular incident by bringing my upset into consciousness. As I get better at this acceptance, it brings me more joy.

    And- I thought that part of the problem of control is that we are so bad at it. I can go faster, but putting my foot to the floor is not the best way of doing it: changing up from first gear and letting the handbrake off will achieve more. It is the panicky foot to the floor and shut eyes which is harmful, not the impulse to control per se.

    • Steve Hauptman

      I suppose Blue did yield a bit too quickly. But hell, that’s what straw men are for.

      I agree that the impulse to control is not inherently a problem. Neither is eating or drinking or working or sex or most of the other zillion things we use for relief from life’s slings and arrows. It becomes an problem when we have no alternative.

  • mentalhealthtalk

    Thank you for the wonderful introduction Bert. I so appreciate that you would chose MHT for your stellar cinematic debut. So to you (and Steve of course) I value our collaboration and lets rock the next 5 videos of MONKEYTRAPS 101!

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