House moving

Don’t look now, but:



Glitches reported by new members trying to join our new Monkey House forum (hosted by HyperBoards) suggest that maybe we needed a new home.

So we moved.  Our new site is  also called MONKEY HOUSE (and subtitled “Because we’re all monkeys on this bus”), and you can find it here:

It’s a WordPress site, and so Monkeytraps’s new sister.

We hope and expect Monkeytraps and Monkey House will cross-pollinate.

We also expect it will give us more room to spread out.  Already we’ve created five new rooms (still unfurnished — anyone got a spare Mr. Coffee?) where you can go to meet and talk about the control issues that most bedevil you, including

The idea of control
Control and feelings
Control and relationships
Control and parenting
Control and self-care

And then there’s the sixth, called The bathroom.  Strictly for venting. Frustrated?  Furious?  Depressed?  Dump it here, friend.  Just close the door when you leave.

Come one.

Come all.

Tell your friends.

See you at the house.

~ Bert & Steve


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