Welcome to Monkey House



You, with the banana.

Come in.





Welcome to

Monkey House. 




Hi guys,


No, it’s not a real house.

It’s a sort of experiment. 

And it’s my bright idea. 

I’ll explain:

The other day, after Steve’s session with a new client who turned out to have (surprise) control addiction, I found myself remembering the bad old days. 

I mean the days before I knew I was addicted to control.

I remembered how miserable I was, and how clueless.  How I had no idea what was hurting me.  Why I felt so anxious, and depressed, and stuck.

Then I remembered how — after realizing that I’d been making myself sick trying to control stuff that couldn’t or shouldn’t be controlled — I had no idea what to do next. 

No freaking idea. 

See, it’s one thing to notice that your Plan A is unhealthy.  It’s quite another to create a Plan B.

I remembered all the years it took me to come up with mine.  All the reading and writing, thinking and worrying.  All the mistakes.

Also the loneliness.  I remembered how often I wished there was someone to talk with about this control stuff. 

Then I thought of those of you who’ve written to us over the past year, asking the same questions that used to confuse the hell out of me.  

And I said to myself: “Self, wouldn’t it be nice it to have a place where we could talk to each other?”

And my self answered: “Yes.”

So I created Monkey House.

It’s a brand-new forum, hosted by a forum-hoster named HyperBoards, just for us monkeys.  (AKA codependents.  AKA control addicts.  AKA human beings.) 

It’s a place to connect with other monkeys who are struggling with the same pain, confusion and loneliness.  To chat, discuss, question, answer, argue, commiserate, and generally be there for each other while we try to avoid (or escape) the inevitable monkeytraps of our daily lives.

Oh yeah, and admission is free.

You’re cordially invited to visit.  

Just click here.   (Go to “Do you need to register a new member?” at the top.)  You’ll be asked to register a user name and a password and confirm that you’re human.    

Then you can pull up a chair and (if you want) reflect on our very first discussion question:

“What’s the most difficult control issue you’re facing now?”  

I can’t wait to hear your answers.

Can’t wait to see where this experiment goes.

See you at the house.



PS:  New to the Monkeytraps community? Visit our home page and read START HERE.



Welcome to

Monkey House.



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