A note from Bert

Earlier today you may have received an announcement of a new post titled “What we mean when we talk about control, part 3.”

That announcement went out in error. 

It happened when someone (I won’t say who) hit the Publish button prematurely.


Sometimes WordPress, like so much else, is beyond our control.

Stay tuned for the real Part 3, coming this Sunday (1/29).




One response to “A note from Bert

  • releasing lunacy

    *big sigh of relief* That’s wonderful news, B… Anonymous. I haven’t had a chance to read Parts 1 & 2 yet! *wonders what would happen if I read Part 2 before I read Part 1* …lol… That might mess with Bert’s head too much -reading the posts out of order. *runs off to read Part 1*

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